Xfinity Constant Guard®

Safeguards your Internet Connection

Though the quality of Internet service has improved for the good in recent times, cyber security has proven to be a major challenge for carriers and telecommunications companies alike. The sign for optimism is that carriers are coming up with advanced solutions to cope with the challenges that cyber security presents. The assertion is justified by the fact that a popular Internet service like XFINITY Internet is offered with built-in online security suites.

XFINITY Internet service now comes with Constant Guard™ protection, a revolutionary online security suite that comes at no additional cost.

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  • Online Security Protection

    Constant Guard® is a service that will shield all your web activities from online threats and network attacks. From protecting your passwords to safeguarding your personal information, Constant Guard® does it all.

    With the suite constantly monitoring your network activities, you can confidently set about your business online. In addition, the comprehensive security suite has a DNS Lock feature that helps secure the domain name settings (DNS) of your XFINITY Internet service. The DNS Lock functions in a way that if a malware attempts to alter the DNS settings, the user will be alerted and the feature automatically resets to the default DNS settings.

  • Xfinity Constant Guard helps protect your online privacy

  • Xfinity Constant Guard comes with the Norton Security Suite
  • Norton™ Security Suite

    The best feature of Constant Guard® is that it is equipped with Norton™ Security Suite. Norton has been a huge name in the system security market for quite a while now. Its illustrious security suite protects over a million systems across the world and is known for its reliability and dependability.

    The inclusion of Norton Security Suite along with Constant Guard's® comprehensive online security suite is an added bonus that only XFINITY Internet users get to enjoy. With Norton Security Suite installed, you can be sure that your system is immune to viruses, trojans, and other kinds of malware programs.

  • Parental Control

    Parents no longer have to spend time educating their kids about online security risks because Constant Guard® includes a set of easy-to-use conversation starter guides for kids of different age groups. Furthermore, you can be sure that your kids do not fall prey to the increasing online danger of cyber bullying.

  • Xfinity Constant Guard gives you peace of mind when your kids are surfing the web
  • Xfinity Identity Guard safeguards your personel information
  • Identity Guard®

    The emphasis placed on online security by XFINITY is evident in the fact that there is a security feature called IDENTITY GUARD that safeguards your personal information and online identity. Offering protection and one click access, you can access, store and manage user IDs, credit card details and user specific information. You can also create a secure backup for all your important files and share it over the network.