XFINITY Internet - PowerBoost

Xfinity brings you the fastest way to upload and download with PowerBoost. PowerBoost is a technology, enhanced by our fiber-optic network, which enables you to experience the fastest connection speeds while downloading and uploading large files on the Internet. It is so much faster than anything out there; it blows all other Internet connections away. PowerBoost is the fastest High-Speed product offered by Xfinity.

PowerBoost offers you a temporary "turbocharge" that doubles the speed it takes to download or upload certain content. You will receive an additional chunk of bandwidth for about half of your download, throttling your downloading speed forward and cutting it in half! It will kick in when you are downloading or uploading large files like software, games, music and high-quality photos. You will notice an increase of speed during this time. And you shouldn't have to worry about getting a new modem, as you may with other similar products from other competitors. The Comcast PowerBoost technology is compatible with almost all modems that have been in mass-production for the past four years.

If you download or upload large files on a regular basis, PowerBoost will make your life easier. Download your music in half the time. Upload the pictures from your latest family vacation in a fraction of the time. Comcast PowerBoost won’t just change your online experience—it will change your definition of the word "fast" forever.

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