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  • Comcast TV service


  • 140+ digital channels including TBS, TLC, Nickelodeon, and ESPN view channel lineup
  • The best selection of current TV shows & hit movies on any screen with XFINITY On Demand
$ 4999 a month
for 12 months
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  • Comcast TV service


  • 220+ digital channels including National Geographic, Encore, NFL Network and NBATV view channel lineup
  • The best selection of current TV shows & hit movies on any screen with XFINITY On Demand
$ 5999 a month
for 12 months
with a 2 year agreement

XF Double Play

  • Comcast TV service
  • Comcast Internet service
    50 Mbps


  • 220+ digital channels with XFINITY On Demand view channel lineup
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for 12 months
with a 2 year agreement

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About: Vallejo, California

Vallejo is named for General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, a Californian military commander, politician, and rancher. It is on the northeastern shore of the San Pablo Bay, which is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Twice, Vallejo has been considered to be the capital of California—once in 1852 and again the following year in 1853. The first Europeans to settle in Vallejo were perhaps drawn to the sulfur springs located in the area. It was even nicknamed Blue rock Springs in 1902.

Population: 116760
Local Newspapers: Listen and Be Heard, Vallejo Times Herald
Local Sports Teams: San Francisco Giants (MLB), San Francisco 49ers (NFL)
Local Colleges: California Maritime Academy, Touro University

Zip Codes associated with Vallejo, CA: 94580, 94589, 94590, 94591.
Towns/Cities near Vallejo, CA : American Canyon, Crockett, Rodeo, Benicia.

  • Lajuana Folds-Wilson: Unfair to Crest
    Saturday, March 28, 2015 5:51:08 PM

    I found the Times-Herald article about article about C.J. Anderson's gift to his grandmother interesting. If you pay attention to what is happening in Vallejo you surely must recognize that Vallejo in its entirety has crime. As a matter of fact crime is rampant in all cities. Now, the question is "why?" Could it be unemployment, lack of resources for our youth, or the fact that our city fathers drive lucrative businesses away from Vallejo? I am truly offended by your negative comments on such a positive moment.

  • Niki Dwyer: Pay attention in 2016
    Saturday, March 28, 2015 1:46:18 PM

    For this year, that would have been McConnell. However, Osby Davis broke tradition by ignoring and skipping over Robert McConnell and appointing Councilmember Jesus Malgapo as vice mayor for 2015. Do you think it is because Davis knows that Robert McConnell is one of the most intelligent people we have ever had on City Council? Is a threat to Davis? But it was so decreed by Osby Davis! The future of Vallejo depends upon it. Let's vote for candidates who are for, of and by the people, and not candidates who only push their private, personal agendas.

  • Workers begin dismantling dilapidated Building 755 on Mare Island
    Saturday, March 28, 2015 9:41:44 AM

    In January of this year, the council voted to zone the North Mare Island area for industrial land use. Staff officials stated in their report that the industrial park concept is currently envisioned under the Mare Island Specific Plan, while the concept meets the city's goals for manufacturing and allows for existing business expansion opportunities. Earlier this month, the council approved a new contract with Black Talon Enterprises, Inc., for the patrol of various downtown areas and North Mare Island. Contact John Glidden at 707-553-6832.

  • Vallejo native honored with Congressional Gold Medal
    Saturday, March 28, 2015 5:41:40 AM

    William Slawson doesn't believe he's a war hero, despite being awarded a Congressional Gold Medal for serving in the First Special Service Force in World War II. "It's no big deal," Slawson said. Slawson, 90, now a resident of Walnut Grove, grew up in Vallejo and was first drafted into World War II at the age of 18. Robert T. Frederick, was made up of men trained in outdoor work: forest rangers, hunters, lumberjacks and game wardens. Slawson, despite his accomplishments in FSSF and his work with the Department of Fish and Game, is still humble.

  • The tragic slaying of San Jose police officer Michael Johnson
    Saturday, March 28, 2015 5:41:39 AM

    Shock and sorrow again grip the entire Bay Area over the slaying last week of San Jose Police Officer Michael Johnson. Soon after graduation, their classmate, Jeffrey Fontana, was the last San Jose police officer to die in the line of duty when he stopped the car of a wanted felon. Martinez Sgt. Paul A. Starzyk was killed in 2008. There have been others in the area. Everywhere today, people are contemplating the loss of Officer Michael Johnson. We think of his family, his loved ones, his fellow officers for whom the loss is most personal.

Television is so much more than a set in the living room these days. With premium channels, ever extending cable networks, digital downloads, and HD programming there’s a lot to think about when it comes to your television services. There may be a lot to think about but that does not mean that things have to be incredibly time consuming and complicated. Xfinity TV in Vallejo, California offers up everything you’re looking for in this new world of television experience for one low monthly price.

With a basic Starter package of over eighty digital cable channels, Xfinity also offers premium channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime and Cinemax, thousands of movies and shows on demand, and an onscreen programming guide, with parental controls for family friendly viewing. Add that to your favorite popular channels and there's nothing you’ll have to worry about missing. Other channels include over forty commercial free music stations, enough options for everyone in the house to be happy, and digital options.

Sports fans are just that – fanatical about sports. They want to see their San Francisco Giants (MLB), San Francisco 49ers (NFL) and their sports as much as possible. The great thing about XFINITY Sports is the great range of coverage their cable channels cover. Football fans will have the opportunity to get the NFL Network, where they can watch replays of games all week, as well as many Thursday Night Football games later in the season. They’ll also be able to get the NFL RedZone Channel, which shows every touchdown from every Sunday afternoon.

And Vallejo sports fans of other sports will certainly be able to get just as much coverage! From regional sports channels to league networks like MLB Network, NBA TV and NHL Network. Soccer fans will also be able to see a ton of games, too. And that's before we mention all of the great sports packages you can buy, allowing you to see a ton of out-of-market regular season games every week! Each week, you’ll get to see 80 baseball games, 40 basketball and 40 hockey games! Score!!!

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XFINITY TV in Vallejo just keeps on giving with so many great features. You'll get access to thousands of sporting events to watch with XFINITY Sports. And be ready to be amazed with the XFINITY app for iPads and iPhones. You’ll be able to check out the TV listings, change the channel and even set up your DVR to record something – even though you are miles from home.

Television is not just about the set in your living room, it is about the entertainment the networks provide and your ability to access it. You no longer have to organize your life around television; television is now able to organize itself around you. Xfinity TV offers you your classic television from the couch entertainment as well as the expanding possibilities available in this day and age. From your television to your home computer, from show premieres, to your own schedule, Xfinity TV for Vallejo, CA is there to entertain you, not the other way around.

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