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Some of the calling features that come with XFINITY Voice packages include:

After decade of dealing with long distance bills and companies trying to undercut each other by getting you to change over, you are finally set free with XFINITY Voice from Comcast.

Get unlimited local and long distance phone service for cheap rates from XFINITY. You can make all the long distance phone calls you want, for as long as you want, with the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

  • 1

    Universal Caller ID: Look to see who's calling you, by looking at your TV or computer.

  • 2

    Online Voicemail: You'll be able to check your voicemail while you are away from your home.

  • 3

    Call Waiting: When someone calls you while you are on another call, you'll be notified, allowing you to switch over if you want.

  • 4

    3-Way Calling: Get a conference call going between yourself and two friends or family members.

  • 5

    Call Forwarding: Away from your home, but need to get your phone calls? Have your calls forwarded to whichever number you like.

  • 6

    Call Return: This feature tells you the last number that called your phone, and it allows you to automatically call the person back.

  • 7

    Anonymous Call Rejection: When someone calls and blocks the display that tells you the number they're calling from, use this feature to automatically block them. It also instructs them to unblock their information and call you back.

  • 8

    Call Screening: You can create a list of up to 12 numbers that will receive an announcement indicating that you are not currently accepting phone calls.

  • 9

    Caller ID Blocking: When you are calling someone else, use this feature if you want to have your name and number marked as "Anonymous" or "Private."